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Honey a unique product of nature!

From the nectaries of countless flowers and / or the honeydew of the most diverse deciduous and coniferous trees, the bees make honey, a high-quality, irreplaceable food!


This is not only an excellent composition, but much more than

just taste and enjoyment!

Due to its composition from the basic substances of flowers and plants, the enrichment

with the bees' own secretions, enzymatic processing and ripening in golden yellow honeycombs - honey becomes something unique!

The naturally balanced ratio of up to almost 200 different ingredients
makes honey what it is - more than a high-quality food.
In traditional usage, honey was not called for nothing - a food of the gods.
Many substances are added to the human body when consuming honey,

it provides everything that is necessary for metabolism and utilization in the organism.

Honey consists, among other things, of up to 22 different types of sugar in an aqueous solution
but mainly from fruit and grape sugar with many biocatalysts,
such as minerals, trace elements, plant substances, vitamins, dyes
etc. and essential oils. Even the important nerve vitamin B1 - without it, none
Sugar can be broken down - is part of honey. Honey according to the amount of each
However, assessing ingredients would be far too little.
The bee pollen contained, the aromas and fragrances, the amino acids, the choline and the cholinergic substances are important and irreplaceable. The multitude of natural active ingredients and the simultaneous interaction of the ingredients it contains make honey so valuable. However, the trace element chromium, which is contained in tiny amounts, has a solitary effect.

It has the ability to counteract the action of insulin
Chromium also ensures that the insulin can be developed in the cell
and is therefore considered a "glucose tolerance factor". Chromium also not only plays an important role
in the utilization of the multiple sugars, but also of the glucose in the body.
After intense mental or physical work, a spoonful of honey, well insulated in the mouth,
is a guarantee for rapid regeneration and mobilization of new energies!
You should buy honey directly from the beekeeper or in a good specialist shop
Store in a cool place protected from light (not in the refrigerator) and in sealed jars.
Natural or electric light is harmful to the honey, please never liquefy it with a microwave,
Avoid any exposure to heat if possible. If your honey supply is fresh at the time of
Buy the honey harvest directly from the beekeeping company, have it filled into smaller jars and at home
Freeze, so you always have the best, natural quality. A mark of authenticity for honey
is crystallization. If you prefer spreadable honey, please only use a short one if possible
Heat exposure in a water bath up to a maximum of 45 ° C or buy cream honey straight away.

Source:  Austrian Beekeeping Association

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