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Propolis, the putty resin of bees



What is propolis? The bees collect from all kinds of plants,
mainly from the buds and tree bark the basic substance - resins,
Balms and enrich them with the body's own secretions and wax.
The most important raw material suppliers are mainly poplars, fruit trees - mainly
from the buds, various conifers, willows, oaks, alders, etc. The extraction
is only possible via the bee, for them this means "hard work".
In the bee colony, propolis is used as a building material, repair, insulation and, above all, sterilization material
Propolis is also known as the oldest, natural antibiotic
it has bactericidal, fungicidal and even viricidal effects.

In what form can humans make propolis usable?
• Chew in small quantities together with decapping wax or with nuts, almonds
• in the form of an alcoholic solution - the propolis drops or propolis tincture together with
a spoon covered with honey or a piece of bread. Please never in a glass of water or anything else
Liquids give the largest part of the valuable substance leached with alcohol
remain on the glass and minimize the effect.
• as a dried extract - after the alcohol has dried, please stir into honey
• finely ground, mixed with cream honey
• for inhalation and room hygiene (evaporation)
• Valuable substance in the propolis cream or propolis ointment

Propolis products can be very beneficial for people in the medicine cabinet, whether starting
Cold or the fungicidal effect in fungal diseases. Propolis is made up of up to
400 different components and, above all, no habituation effect is possible. At all
Serious illnesses are the responsibility of the doctor. Only they are entitled to make diagnoses
ask and perform a treatment. Propolis products are used for certain problem areas
a real alternative.

Source:  Austrian Beekeeping Association

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